Customizable PAT solutions for fast, flexible real-time analysis

Solvias provides innovative Process Analytical Technology (PAT) probes for online and inline analysis. From high-pressure and high-temperature environments to corrosive conditions, we work with you to select fit for purpose probes that meet your specific requirements.

Unique combination of benefits

  • Real-time online analysis using fiber optic probes and flow cells
  • Use of robust sapphire optics designed for both process and laboratory use
  • Support for regulatory acceptance and compliance
  • Increased process and product safety
  • Customized solutions tailored to specific customer requirements

Expert analytical guidance

Solvias has decades of experience in the manufacture and development of fiber optic probes and flow cells and their applications. Our experts can provide advice on the correct sensor and measuring method, sealing technology, and sealing material for your application.

Improving process efficiency

Rely on Solvias for PAT solutions that reduce process costs, minimize or eliminate product re-work, reduce process cycle time, facilitate regulatory acceptance/compliance, and create a robust process for “right first time” manufacturing success.

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