Advance pharmaceutical safety and innovation while advancing your career

At Solvias, we serve the world’s leading pharmaceutical innovators. That offers you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the health of patients worldwide, working with brilliant scientists in a fast-moving environment filled with stimulating challenges.

A culture of collaboration

At Solvias, your contributions matter. Our company culture values the expertise, experience, and perspectives of every team member. Here, you can pursue your ideas, get involved in important projects, collaborate with peers, and challenge the status quo—developing your career while helping drive our shared growth and success.

Our Behaviors


We promote an environment where appreciation of diversity, healthy challenges and a positive attitude lead to the best results for the company and our customers. We help each other in the best possible way to be successful as individuals and we make sure the team wins.

Our culture is based on giving trust and earning trust. We create a trusting, collaborative and fair work environment that builds engagement. We are passionate about our business and celebrate success.

We challenge ourselves to come up with innovative and better ways of achieving results. We create transparency and openness without fear. We acknowledge our errors and turn them into learnings and actions.

We develop an environment where we see opportunities and are empowered to realize our full potential.


We present the facts in a respectful way, encouraging a dialogue. We ensure that our messages are understood and strive to understand those of others.

We are curious. We love learning from others. We make available or seek information on a need-to-know and must-know basis in a timely fashion to allow for effective decisionmaking. We realize that communication is a two-way street. We understand our own biases, perspectives and assumptions.

Customer Focus

We base our actions on the priorities of both external and internal customers. We meet expectations. We understand customers’ current and future needs as well as the context in which they operate. We ask questions to better know and understand our customers. We seek customer feedback. We listen carefully. We welcome criticism and act on it quickly in a positive way.

We build trustful and long-term partnerships. We are open and receptive towards customer requirements and priorities. We maintain a regular, timely and active communication. We respond to their queries and complaints.

We strive for the highest standards in everything we do and towards doing things right the first time. Whether our role is customer-facing or in a team, we must look for opportunities to better serve our customers and colleagues.

Results & Performance

We take timely decisions with the information that is available. We accept responsibility for our actions. We keep an open mind, constantly pursuing relevant information and knowledge to make better decisions. We accept decisions and act accordingly.

We set direction, empower and motivate others, generating commitment and a shared sense of purpose. We prioritize tasks according to importance and urgency, concentrating our energy on what matters most and avoiding distraction. Knowing our company’s strategy, objectives and priorities is vital.

We empower to act with speed, agility and accountability. We recognize areas of improvement and overcome obstacles with a focus on getting the job done.

We deliver results by inspiring and mobilizing people and teams. We dare to dream and show a will to win. We understand how to consistently deliver a positive financial return.

Change & Feedback

We like and seek feedback. We drive and manage change and adapt quickly with flexibility, curiosity and openness. We welcome proposals for improvement.

We are determined to overcome problems, exploring opportunities and looking beyond immediate requirements. We offer options and solutions that go beyond our own functional area. We try to understand the problem. We look for simple solutions. We ask for help when needed, and bring the right people together. We are solution oriented rather than problem focused.

We see honest feedback as an opportunity for personal growth and improvement. We manage people based on performance, behavior, attitude and their potential. We value continuous learning and improvement.

Energy & Engagement

We are prepared to learn quickly from failure and translate learnings into corrective action. We demonstrate the will to win.

We show a positive spirit and winning attitude towards growing the business, doing things better and embracing challenges and change. We are passionate about generating great solutions. We create superior value for our customers and our company.

We take responsibility for our actions and for accomplishing tasks beyond those in our role description. Ownership and accountability mean that we actively tap opportunities, address problems and improve processes. We take initiative.

We are passionate about our business and celebrate success. We motivate others to strive towards customer satisfaction and company success.

Current Opportunities and Benefits

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What Our Employees Say


At Solvias, we are a diverse workforce united around a single goal: Excellence.

George Lab Technician

The culture at Solvias encourages employees to dive deeply into topics and become involved in different areas.

Philip Lab Technician/OSH Specialist

I enjoy being able to see my project through the whole value chain.

Adriana Project Leader

Solvias brings a human dimension to cGMP compliance. I enjoy the open mindset and flexibility.

Zohra QA Manager