Unrivaled expertise in small molecule analysis, development, and manufacturing

Solvias can help you navigate the complex small molecule development journey. Our ability to flag potential issues early helps minimize surprises during clinical trials, avoiding costly delays.

Broad capabilities

We stand by you throughout the product life cycle. Our analytical solutions are tailored to ensure the supply, purity, potency, consistency, and safety of your small molecules, reducing risk at every step.

Drug substance development & manufacturing capabilities

Integrated chemical and analytical development for early phase drug substance development, manufacturing and analytical CMC services across the full life cycle.

Drug substance & drug product analytical CMC capabilities

Comprehensive characterization and release services covering all major dosage forms and complex delivery systems, including OINDP.

Impurity and contamination control

Expert services, from initial profiling and risk assessment to commercial control strategy.

Raw materials, excipients, and packaging testing

Comprehensive services offering reliability, flexibility, and quality to support raw material and excipient analysis and E&L testing.

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Fully integrated analytical CMC and API development solutions across the product life cycle

We offer integrated Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) solutions throughout the entire product life cycle, from early stage to late stage to commercialization. We offer you:

  • Seamlessly integrated synthesis, catalysis, and solid state analytical characterization services
  • Efficient, timely supply of high-quality, early-phase material and processes
  • Technology, dedicated expertise, and track record of success with complex chemistry
  • Phase-appropriate strategies help avoid issues later in development, mitigating risk
  • Comprehensive programs including analytical development, validation, stability and release testing for drug substance and drug product
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Access to expertise

With a 25-year legacy, our scientific, regulatory, and project management expertise helps our clients bring safe products to market. Whether it’s a large program with a dedicated project manager or one-time troubleshooting, we provide direct access to our experts—ensuring scientists can interact with scientists.

Commitment to quality

At Solvias, our dedication to excellence is evident in everything we do. From the stringent quality standards we uphold to the state-of-the-art technologies we employ, we strive to deliver the highest level of cGMP-compliant services globally. We’re not just a service provider; we are your partner in reaching your commercialization goals.


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