Fast, phase-appropriate small molecule API development and manufacturing

API synthesis is a complex field requiring expertise in organic chemistry, process design, analytical chemistry, and regulatory compliance. At Solivas, our experts seamlessly integrate with your team, providing transparent insights and fast, phase-appropriate small molecule API development and manufacturing to accelerate your path to market.

Unique combination of benefits

  • One-stop-shop for small molecule API development and manufacturing, simplifying management for faster market entry
  • Agile approach and comprehensive, process-focused strategy, catering to your program needs
  • Direct access to Solvias scientists, ensuring rapid, on-target solutions to complex challenges
  • Access to unparalleled analytical expertise

Comprehensive service solutions

Our comprehensive technical capabilities include:

Process development, design, and optimization of catalysis leads are a Solvias specialty. We offer flexible, high-throughput experimentation (HTE) screening that allows you to investigate your catalytic transformation on a 96-well plate with a custom-tailored design.

We provide expert evaluation, scouting, and development of new manufacturing routes.

We provide custom synthesis services for your small molecules from milligram to kilogram scale, including lead synthesis up to 20 kg or more, synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks, as well as synthesis/isolation of reference compounds.

We have all the resources you need for chemical development – from preclinical support to supply of material for clinical trials up to Phase III. 

Our experienced scientists help you select and develop a scalable process to obtain the best available crystalline candidate. We offer comprehensive preformulation physico-chemical characterization and screening of polymorphs, co-crystals, salts, and hydrates, including assessments of solubility, lipophilicity, hygroscopicity, excipient compatibility, and stability.

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