Custom-tailored solutions for every stage of drug development

Solvias provides custom solutions tailored to your needs at every stage of drug development. Our team has the expertise, broad capabilities, and advanced technologies to design or optimize phase-appropriate testing solutions for any program, no matter how complex.

Unique combination of benefits

  • Our adherence to phase-specific regulatory requirements helps support clinical trials and market approval
  • Cost-effective and scalable processes are ideal for phase-appropriate evaluation of drug substances and drug products
  • We manage analytical risks such as false positives/negatives, sensitivity issues, and reproducibility at every step

Comprehensive service solutions

We serve as your trusted partner in drug development, offering a comprehensive range of custom solutions, from pre-clinical phases to post-commercialization release testing.

  • Adapt or optimize your methods: If you already have established methods, we can transfer and validate these or adapt or optimize them to meet your evolving requirements.
  • Develop new methods: We can use an existing method from our library, optimize it, or create a new one. This is particularly beneficial for newer therapy modalities where innovation is still making significant strides.
  • Customize cell-based potency assays: Our extensive experience allows us to rapidly customize cell-based assays, particularly for cell and gene therapy (CGT) applications.

We provide phase-appropriate solutions for efficient drug development from the earliest stages, helping to avoid potential problems later on in your process.

  • Pre-Clinical: We help you fully understand your molecule or ATMP to reduce risk and future surprises.
  • Clinical phases: We support you at every clinical phase, using our library of techniques we will tailor our approach to meet unique requirements and ensure proper documentation.
  • Regulatory filings: We support and guide you as you prepare your regulatory filings.
  • Post-commercialization release testing: Post-approval, we continue to support release testing for drug safety and effectiveness.
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