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Additional chiral phosphoric acids (CPA) enter the Solvias portfolio

Recently Solvias entered the field of organocatalysis by offering binaphthol based chiral phosphoric acids (CPAs). Our primary concern is to provide a variety of different CPAs to affordable prices and on large scale. Thus, we invested...

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The Solvias Ligand Kits

To facilitate the entry into ligand/catalyst screenings or successful optimizations, Solvias offers new ligand kits. These kits are blends of well-established ligands used in industrial processes and of novel, relatively unexplored ligands. In our opinion they provide an excellent starting point for lead finding and thus the focus was set on maximal diversity.

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Solvias launches chiral phosphoric acids (CPA)

Solvias is expanding its catalyst and ligand portfolio with chiral Br√łnsted acid organocatalysts. Due to new innovative syntheses, these chiral binaphthol-based phosphoric acids are offered at very competitive prices in up to multi-100 g quantities under license of Toagosei. These academically well-established chiral acids can be employed at industrially benign catalyst loadings in more than 80 different reactions.

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Silicones for pharmaceutical applications - Analytical capabilities at Solvias

Silicones are used in pharmaceutical applications as part of formulations, as well as during manufacturing and in packaging. The optimal choice of analyses methods for silicones can only be made after careful consideration of precisely formulated analytical questions.

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Solvias Launches New Josiphos Nickel Catalysts

Solvias now offers a series of air-stable Josiphos nickel catalysts. These catalysts promote the challenging amination of aryl halides and sulfonates with ammonia as well as ammonium salts.

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