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  • The Solvias Ligand Kits


    To facilitate the entry into ligand/catalyst screenings or successful optimizations, Solvias offers new ligand kits. These kits are blends of well-established ligands used in industrial processes and of novel, relatively unexplored ligands. In our opinion they provide an excellent starting point …

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  • Solvias launches chiral phosphoric acids (CPA)


    Solvias is expanding its catalyst and ligand portfolio with chiral Br√łnsted acid organocatalysts. Due to new innovative syntheses, these chiral binaphthol-based phosphoric acids are offered at very competitive prices in up to multi-100 g quantities under license of Toagosei. These academically …

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Our People

  • The most enjoyable part of my job is the dynamic nature of it.

    Leading Scientist

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  • I enjoy the diversity of project scopes

    Scientific Operation Biopharmaceuticals

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  • most fulfilling part of my job: finish the production of new ligands that we developed


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