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  • Solvias Quality Control

    Solvias Broadens Quality Control Offering for Pharmaceutical Industry


    Solvias's new Quality Control (QC) department will significantly boost the company's capacity to serve as a “one-stop shop” with fast, high-quality and cost-effective QC, complementing Solvias's established reputation in cutting-edge R&D. Find out all the details in our press release.

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  • Valorization of the Primary Building Blocks Ammonia and Acetone Featuring Pd- and Ni-Catalyzed Monoarylations


    Recently, there has been significant progress in the monoarylation of ammonia and acetone. Find out how the application of ferrocenyl bisphosphine ligands has enabled remarkable improvements in substrate scope and reaction conditions as well as catalyst costs and availability.

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  • PEGylated Erythropoietin: Presentation
    at CE Pharm 2015


    The characterization of PEGylated proteins by standard methods is a demanding task due to polydispersity of the PEG chain and protein itself.

    Find out about a new approach of reducing the complexity of PEG Erythropoietin for localization and qualification of PEG chains in this presentation.

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  • Swiss-Dissolution-Software

    California Tech Company to Use Swiss Dissolution Software for Turnkey On-Line UV Platform


    Strategic alliance of Hanson Research, Shimadzu and Solvias AG improves dissolution testing workflow. Here is the announcement published by our new partner Hanson Research concerning this spectacular project.

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Our People

  • I decided to join Solvias being impressed by the large variety of job possibilities

    Chemical lab technician

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  • The culture at Solvias fosters very productive team work

    Scientific associate in microscopy

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  • It is highly rewarding to complete a project on time and within budget

    Junior Project Leader Biopharmaceuticals

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