Solvias can characterize any biological macromolecule, including mAbs, glycoproteins, bioconjugates and ADCs, bispecifics, nanobodies, peptides, oligonucleotides, RNA and DNA products, and vaccines.  Our orthogonal approach to structural analysis provides a holistic view of molecules, enabling us to identify potential issues in even the smallest changes.

Our comprehensive technical capabilities include:

including amino acid sequence verification as well as site specific disulfides and free thiols by peptide mapping HRMS (Orbitrap). In addition, amino acid analysis for extinction coefficient and amino acid content and content ratio determination.

using HRMS (Orbitrap) to analyze deamidation, oxidation, glycation, glycosylation, isomerization, SAAE (Single Amino Acid Exchanges), phosphorylation, scrambled disulfide bridges, truncation, N- and C-terminal modifications.

including CD, SoloVPE UV, Fluorescence, FT-IR, NMR, DLS, (SEC-/AF4-) MALS, nDSC, and AUC.

including LC-MS(n) (Orbitrap, qTOF, Triple Quad), CE-MS (cIEF-qTOF-MS, CZE-qTOF-MS), Hydrogen-Deuterium-Exchange Mass spectrometry HDX-MS (LEAP-PAL – Orbitrap-MS).

Our TLA-based solutions can help you evaluate the consequences of your genetic engineering. We offer clone characterization prior to master cell bank (MCB) establishment. We also offer cell-based potency assay development for different therapeutic modalities.

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