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Covering the Periodic Table: Elemental Analysis at Solvias

Solvias can offer all relevant methods for elemental analysis, from metal determination in the ppb range by ICP-MS to determination of elemental composition using combustion methods.

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Solvias achieves CHF 65.3 m in 2016 sales; agreement signed with Merck KGaA on MAT kit

Solvias today announced that it continued on a solid growth path in 2016 and significantly expanded its profitability for the third year running. Sales reached CHF 65.3 m, up 2.2% over 2015.

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Solvias proudly announces the new Ligands & Catalysts Information Platform. We share our expertise and knowhow on how to most efficiently use Solvias ligands. In three sections we provide detailed information about our products, catalytic applications and experimental procedures.


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Low Endotoxin Recovery is today one of authorities serious concerns regarding pyrogen testing

Investigations performed analyzing common protein formulation matrices have demonstrated that buffers containing citrate or phosphate in combination with surfactants like polysorbates are likely to cause Low Endotoxin Recovery (LER).

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Image-based particle analysis system: Micro-Flow Imaging

Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) is a key technology for particle characterization. Compared with light obscuration that has been conventionally used for sub-visible particle testing and conventional light microscopy, MFI technology offers multiple advantages.

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