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Covering the Periodic Table: Elemental Analysis at Solvias

Solvias can offer all relevant methods for elemental analysis, from metal determination in the ppb range by ICP-MS to determination of elemental composition using combustion methods.

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Solvias achieves CHF 65.3 m in 2016 sales; agreement signed with Merck KGaA on MAT kit

Solvias today announced that it continued on a solid growth path in 2016 and significantly expanded its profitability for the third year running. Sales reached CHF 65.3 m, up 2.2% over 2015.

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Solvias proudly announces the new Ligands & Catalysts Information Platform. We share our expertise and knowhow on how to most efficiently use Solvias ligands. In three sections we provide detailed information about our products, catalytic applications and experimental procedures.


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Low Endotoxin Recovery is today one of authorities serious concerns regarding pyrogen testing

Investigations performed analyzing common protein formulation matrices have demonstrated that buffers containing citrate or phosphate in combination with surfactants like polysorbates are likely to cause Low Endotoxin Recovery (LER).

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Image-based particle analysis system: Micro-Flow Imaging

Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) is a key technology for particle characterization. Compared with light obscuration that has been conventionally used for sub-visible particle testing and conventional light microscopy, MFI technology offers multiple advantages.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

New Ph.Eur. chapter "Chemical Imaging" planned. Solvias stays ahead and already expanded its IR microscopy and imaging capabilities.

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New ligands and catalysts catalogue now available

Solvias is pleased to announce its newly enhanced catalogue for ligands and catalysts. The portfolio has been further enlarged with new ligand derivatives of successful ligand families and the PFA ligand family.

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Update of USP spectrometry chapters

On May 1st, the USP chapters <730> “Plasma Spectrochemistry>" as well as <852> “Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy” have been effectuated. Read what has changed and how Solvias can help you. Times are changing and we help you change with them.

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Solvias achieves solid growth in 2015, driven by innovation, geographic expansion and development of new market segments

Solvias today announced figures for 2015. Revenues rose to CHF 63.9 million, an increase of 5.6% over the previous year with a significant improvement in profitability.

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Solvias Broadens Quality Control Offering for Pharmaceutical Industry

Solvias's new Quality Control (QC) department will significantly boost the company's capacity to serve as a “one-stop shop” with fast, high-quality and cost-effective QC, complementing Solvias's established reputation in cutting-edge R&D. Find out all the details in our press release.

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SOLVIAS – Innovative and Customer Focused

C&EN features an interview of our CEO Karen Huebscher. She talks about the values that make Solvias a partner of choice and what’s in store for 2016 and beyond.

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Valorization of the Primary Building Blocks Ammonia and Acetone Featuring Pd- and Ni-Catalyzed Monoarylations

Recently, there has been significant progress in the monoarylation of ammonia and acetone. Find out how the application of ferrocenyl bisphosphine ligands has enabled remarkable improvements in substrate scope and reaction conditions as well as catalyst costs and availability.

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PEGylated Erythropoietin: Presentation
at CE Pharm 2015

The characterization of PEGylated proteins by standard methods is a demanding task due to polydispersity of the PEG chain and protein itself.

Find out about a new approach of reducing the complexity of PEG Erythropoietin for localization and qualification of PEG chains in this presentation.

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California Tech Company to Use Swiss Dissolution Software for Turnkey On-Line UV Platform

Strategic alliance of Hanson Research, Shimadzu and Solvias AG improves dissolution testing workflow. Here is the announcement published by our new partner Hanson Research concerning this spectacular project.

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See us at CPhI

Visit stand 1D45 to discuss your needs and our most recent developments.

Solvias is an experienced full-service provider in contract research, manufacturing, development and analysis. Come and find out what problems we can solve together – we look forward to meeting you!

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New article published in Chemistry Today

Find out why Solvias is an ideal partner for the catalysis-based manufacture of pharma and fine-chemical products and intermediates.

This feature highlights the essential elements for the successful industrial application of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, where Solvias.

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Solvias opens new kilo lab facilities

Solvias has opened new state-of-the-art kilo lab facilities for the cost-effective manufacturing of catalysts and ligands, intermediates and early stage active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The facilities are configured for process development, scale-up and the production of up to multi-kilogram quantities.

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New "Prospects" customer magazine released

Solvias continues to be at the forefront of technological and scientific advances in analytical services, solid-state development and catalysis as well as ligands. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the articles highlighting new developments in quite different business areas.

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Solvias receives 2015 CMO Leadership Awards

Life Science Leader magazine announces that Solvias is a winner in all five categories of the 2015 CMO Leadership Awards.

Life Science Leader magazine has announced Solvias as an award recipient in all five categories of the annual CMO Leadership Awards. The Life Science Leader’s CMO Leadership Awards are based upon industry research conducted by Nice Insight, who’s market research identified Solvias in the top 10% of pharmaceutical partners …

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Solid growth in 2014 and continued investments in innovative technologies

Solvias Group reports solid growth in 2014 and continues its investments in innovative technologies.

Kaiseraugst/Switzerland – Contract research and service provider Solvias today announced sales figures for 2014. Revenues rose by 7.2% over the previous year to CHF 61 million.

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