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The Solvias Ligand Kits

To facilitate the entry into ligand/catalyst screenings or successful optimizations, Solvias offers new ligand kits. These kits are blends of well-established ligands used in industrial processes and of novel, relatively unexplored ligands. In our opinion they provide an excellent starting point for lead finding and thus the focus was set on maximal diversity. With these kits we want to support researchers by giving them access to preliminary ligand screenings and to explore the application range of our ligands. Furthermore, many additional derivatives are commercially available for further optimization.

The Solvias Ligand Kits – chiral ligands, C-X cross-coupling ligands and Ni-Josiphos-catalysts – are based upon our modular ligand concept. Even though a lot of know-how has been gained for the role of a ligand/catalyst in a catalytic transformation, it is still not possible to predict the expedient ligand/catalyst system for a given new reaction. As a result, broad screenings remain the most powerful development tool for which the access to a large diversity of ligands/catalysts is crucial. In the initial phase of an optimization of a catalytic reaction these ligands are required in rather small amounts. Thus, our concept is to provide the maximal diversity with minimal synthetic effort. Our portfolio incorporates ligand families with different chiral backbones that can easily be functionalized with various phosphine groups in late stage.

Kit 1: Chiral Ligands (14 ligands, 100 mg each)

The chiral ligand kit consists of 14 ligands (100 mg each) from 7 ligand families – Josiphos, Walphos, Taniaphos, Mandyphos, MeOBIPHEP, Chenphos and Trifer. The 4 Josiphos derivatives range from electron poor (SL-J403-1) over push-pull (SL-J210-1) to electron richer (SL-J001-1, SL-J505-1) and from bulky (SL-J210-1, SL-J505-1) to sterically less demanding (SL-J403-1). The same holds true for the Walphos (SL-W001-1 and SL-W003-1) and Taniaphos (SL-T001-1, SL-T002-1) derivatives. For Mandyphos and MeOBIPHEP two electron rich derivatives were selected that vary in steric bulk. Chenphos and Trifer are included for their ability to pre-coordinate the substrate by secondary interactions with the dimethylamine moiety.

Kit 2: C-X coupling ligands (13 ligands, 200 mg each)

The cross-coupling kit consists of CataCXium A and CataCXium P derivatives, which showed extraordinary results at very low catalyst loadings in a variety of C-C cross couplings, α-arylations, carbonylations and C-N cross couplings of aryl chlorides. CataCXium P was also successfully applied in C-H functionalizations. Furthermore, 2 CataCXium F derivatives are incorporated in the kit, especially because CataCXium FSulf has been used to perform Suzuki-Miyaura and Sonogashira cross-couplings of heteroaryl chlorides at very low catalyst loadings in aqueous media. The 2 Josiphos derivatives were chosen due to their remarkable activity in C-C and C-N cross-couplings (also with ammonia as nucleophile) as well as their high potential in asymmetric C-C bond forming reactions. SK-CC02-A is active in carbonylations and C-N cross coupling reactions. The CataCXium derivatives are licensed from Evonik. These 13 ligands come in 200 mg portions.

Kit 3: Ni-Josiphos-Catalysts (4 catalysts, 200 mg each)

The cost and relative scarcity of palladium provides motivation for the development of alternative, more earth-abundant catalysts. Following this trend and in order to advance the application of nickel catalysts in academic research as well as in industrial process development, Solvias has commercialized a series of air-stable Josiphos nickel catalysts. These [Ni(Josiphos)(4-PhCN)Cl]-type catalysts readily undergo reductive elimination facilitating catalytically active Ni(0) complexes. The successful application of Josiphos nickel catalysts has been described in a number of prominent publications on C(sp2)–N cross-coupling, especially under the employment of ammonia. The kit consists of 4 catalysts in 200 mg portions.


  • Industry: Kit 1 & 2: 1000 CHF, Kit 3: 400 CHF
  • Universities: Kit 1 & 2: 480 CHF, Kit 3: 280 CHF

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