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Covering the Periodic Table: Elemental Analysis at Solvias

We offer our customers a uniquely broad suite of methods, coupled with expert knowledge in the field of elemental analysis. We cover not only routine tests, but also method development and validation, complex tasks and trouble-shooting.

One look at the periodic table shows that Solvias can offer all relevant methods for elemental analysis, from metal determination in the ppb range by ICP-MS to determination of elemental composition using combustion methods. For each analytical task, there is a method that provides the best balance of analytical performance and costs. Solvias will always offer you the most appropriate method – not just a method we happen to have in-house. In case you already have a method that you want to outsource, we’re sure that we will have the technical resources to implement it at Solvias.

Merely having the instrumentation does not guarantee reliable, accurate and precise results – specialist knowledge is key to success in elemental analysis. Solvias combines more than 40 years of experience in the field with a strong background in pharmaceutical analysis and life science. This enables us to tackle your most complex problems, while also keeping up to date with regulatory requirements.

Our experience has taught us that sample preparation is a vital step in the analytical procedure. In ICP-MS, ICP-OES and AAS, it is our standard procedure to use state-of-the-art, closed-vessel pressure digestion methods, even if samples are water soluble. These methods destroy and remove organic matrix. By these means, most matrix interference can be safely excluded, minimizing the potential for unwelcome surprises later. Undigested samples from biopharmaceutical production containing proteins or amino acids can especially pose problems in metal analysis.

Last but not least, our elemental analysis is embedded in a comprehensive framework of analytical methods covering small molecules, biopharmaceutical and biological analysis, effectively covering nearly all fields of analysis from research to release phase.

For your needs in elemental analysis, come to the experts at Solvias.

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