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Solvias achieves CHF 65.3 m in 2016 sales; agreement signed with Merck KGaA on MAT kit

Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, 21 March 2017 – Swiss contract research and service provider Solvias today announced that it continued on a solid growth path in 2016 and significantly expanded its profitability for the third year running. Sales reached CHF 65.3 m, up 2.2% over 2015. These results were powered in part by very strong growth from biopharmaceutical analytical services and sales performance in the US, overcompensating for the discontinuation of some business activities. In 2016, Solvias also drove major customer-centric, value-generation programs as part of its LEAN-transformation. In addition, Solvias built on its expertise and expanded its technology base in anticipation of a further increase in regulatory requirements – particularly in elemental and trace element analysis.

Highlights in 2016:

  • Strong continuation of growth in large molecule analytics (biopharmaceuticals)
  • Increased demand for elemental impurity analytics through ICP-MS with metal-free sample preparation (ICH guideline Q3D)
  • Significant expansion in US market
  • Launch of a separate QC release unit
  • Replacement of in vivo toxicology testing with in vitro testing (bio-assays); discontinuation of waste water analytics and fluorination chemistry
  • Product portfolio expanded with new Ni-Josiphos complex catalysts and TRIP organocatalysts
  • Supply and distribution agreement signed with Merck KGaA for Solvias’ cell-based monocyte activation test kit for pyrogen detection

A broad, international market and customer survey performed in 2016 confirmed that Solvias is an international, highly respected and well-known brand. Its competence, expertise and professionalism stand out above others. The hub approach, where experts can gather around a table to solve the technical challenges its customers face in meeting increasing regulatory requirements, attracts business from all over the world.

“Our performance in 2016 gives us added momentum. We have achieved very solid results over the last three years by building on our scientific strengths and technical expertise in support of our customers, who need to meet increasing regulatory demands,” said Solvias CEO Karen Huebscher.

In 2016, Solvias teamed up with the Life Science business of Merck KGaA by signing a supply agreement in which Merck will distribute a monocyte activation test (MAT) kit. The kit is used to detect fever-inducing pyrogens in pharmaceutical raw materials and products, medtech devices and other regulated products as an essential part of quality assurance. The in vitro MAT kit is an alternative to conventional animal testing, and produces reliable and reproducible results. The MAT kit is targeted for launch in 2017.

“We are particularly pleased to be collaborating with Merck KGaA on a project with such significant potential,” underlined Karen Huebscher. “The MAT kit has distinct advantages over current methods of testing for pyrogens and meets a high unmet need in the market.”


Solvias has good reason to be optimistic about the future. The company is continuously focusing on improving competitiveness as well as investing in scientific and technical know-how and leadership. Solvias is poised to build on its strong reputation in technical mastery, innovation in quality control and analytical testing as well as in solid state work, chemical process improvement and ligands.

There continues to be an increased trend towards outsourcing of product quality testing, characterization and analysis. This is where Solvias can take out the uncertainty early on in product development and also deliver data on consistency later on in production for both small and large molecules, medical devices and cosmetics.

Increased regulatory testing requirements in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, cosmetics and food industries are closely followed by Solvias, which constantly adapts its services to meet the latest specifications and those to come.

In 2017, Solvias is expected to continue on a steady growth trajectory.

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