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Solvias receives 2015 CMO Leadership Awards

Life Science Leader magazine announces that Solvias is a winner in all five categories of the 2015 CMO Leadership Awards.

Life Science Leader magazine has announced Solvias as an award recipient in all five categories of the annual CMO Leadership Awards. The Life Science Leader’s CMO Leadership Awards are based upon industry research conducted by Nice Insight, who’s market research identified Solvias in the top 10% of pharmaceutical partners for the five categories that are evaluated:

  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Regulatory
  • Reliability

“Solvias is very happy to be recognized for the second consecutive year as a winner in all five categories of the Life Science Leader's CMO Leadership Awards”, noted CEO Karen Huebscher. “These awards are a tribute to the strong qualities exhibited by our scientific leadership and staff. Our customers recognize Solvias as a world leader in contract research for pharma/biotech drug development, products and cosmetics. They rely on our abilities to help move their substances and products forward.”

With an outstanding reputation Solvias supports the development of drug substances, drug products, and the optimization of manufacturing processes for pharma, biotech, medtech, and cosmetic companies worldwide. Located in northwest Switzerland, with a subsidiary in France, Solvias offers increased capacity and profound know-how for process chemistry, chiral ligand development, and broad expertise in analytical chemistry. Our experience, proven track record, and a team of 400 highly qualified employees ensure the success of small and large molecule development projects. We provide the confidence that projects will be expertly performed and delivered on time.

Life Science Leader Magazine

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