Stability testing for all stages

At Solvias, we are ideally placed to provide stability testing for all stages of drug development. Our stability storage infrastructure includes sophisticated walk-in chambers, climate cabinets and an emergency backup for power breakdown. All our processes take place on one connected site, where there is a high degree of QC expertise, scientific dialogue and maximal sample preservation.

Testing we regularly perform includes:

  • Long-term stability studies according to ICH guidelines
  • Ongoing and follow-up stability studies
  • Comparability studies
  • Stress tests, forced degradation
  • Photostability testing according to ICH guidelines
  • In-use tests, freeze-thaw cycles
  • Excipient/API compatibility
  • Interaction studies with primary packaging
  • Stability protocols, reports and interim reports
  • Stability indicated method development
  • Identification of unknown/new impurities