Custom synthesis

From milligram to kilogram scale, our expertise and services for custom synthesis of your small molecules includes:

  • Lead synthesis up to 20 kg or more
  • Synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks
  • Synthesis/Isolation of reference compounds

According to your molecule’s structure, our team then synthesizes for patent coverage, early-phase studies, or to support your in-house research group to meet project deadlines.

You can either supply a synthetic route, or, where necessary, we can develop novel solutions for your molecule. Contracts are based on a fixed-price quotation, or for larger programs can be arranged on a FTE basis to create a flexible and interactive collaboration. Either way, we guarantee fast turnaround, high purity and timely delivery of your compounds.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest process and analytical instrumentation. As well as an extensive range of scale-up equipment and key areas of expertise, our scientists have the experience and professionalism to move your projects forward.