Ligands library for catalysis

Solvias has a unique library of > 700 ligands for catalysis projects (including research ligands).

For the investigation of asymmetric hydrogenation processes, Solvias uses a versatile library of >550 chiral ligands and isolated catalyst precursors comprising ligands of the Solvias portfolio (including Josiphos, Walphos, Mandyphos, Taniaphos, MeO-Biphep, UBAphox, POx ligands), generic ligands and ligands protected by third party IP. The Solvias library includes 50% patent-free and 50% patent-protected ligands (35% Solvias IP and 15% third party IP). Ligands, which are available on technical scale, will be used with first priority; Solvias will also evaluate research ligands for challenging transformations.

For C-C and C-X cross-coupling reactions the Solvias ligand library comprises of approx. 150 state of the art ligands and catalyst precursors. The Solvias C-C / C-X ligand library includes 40% patent-free and 60% patent-protected ligands (20% Solvias IP and 40% third party IP). To fulfil not only economic criteria but also IP-related issues, Solvias is capable to evaluate a wide range of catalysts with monodentate phosphines, such as Buchwald or cataCXium ligands, diphosphine or carbene ligands.

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