High-pressure and hazardous chemistry

Does the development of your target molecule include the application of hazardous reagents or high-pressure reactions? Solvias is highly experienced in utilizing chemicals such as CO, H2S, phosgene, 1,3-butadiene, or ethylene oxide. Such chemistry is performed in our dedicated laboratories and containment facilities designed to handle toxic, noxious, and corrosive reactants on up to a kilogram-scale.

Our unparalleled set of equipment allows to safely perform chemistry in reactor volumes up to 50 L at pressures up to 300 bar and temperatures up to 350 °C in a broad range of materials such as stainless steel, Monel® 400, Inconel® 686, Hastelloy® B, Hastelloy® C, Tantalum, PFA, or glass-lined steel.

The high safety level at our facilities includes measures such as gas monitoring and scrubbers to protect people and the environment.