Software for analytical solutions

Solvias software solutions, in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, simplify your regulatory inspections and increase your productivity.

Using our specialist skills and expertise, we provide scientific software and validation services for:

  • Process Analytics
  • Dissolution Testing
  • Color Control

Argus Dissolution is a dedicated software for controlling dissolution systems such as water baths, auto samplers, spectrophotometers, and filter changers. It can also automatically calculate and report the results. We use it as an efficient all-in-one tool to run, document and report dissolution tests.

We provide you with workflow-based software solutions for both the laboratory and production areas, integrating the chemical and pharmaceutical analytical instruments of your choice. These are GMP-compliant and can be used for laboratory analytics, automation, in-process control, and monitoring.

Proof of complete validation of software-controlled systems has become a decisive factor in regulatory audits, mainly due to FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Solvias offers training, consulting, planning and implementation for computer system validation, for new and existing equipment. Complete documentation and validation protocols are provided as standard.