Chemical hazard monitoring

The use and monitoring of hazardous substances is standard for many chemical manufacturing environments. Safety can only be achieved by applying the appropriate technology and know-how.

With a comprehensive package of services and high-performance products, Solvias is the ideal partner to ensure continuous and safe chemical hazards monitoring, providing:

  • Customized expert consulting
  • Analytical method selection
  • Method implementation
  • Calibration
  • One-month’s continuous testing in our laboratories
  • Commissioning
  • On-site method optimization to local operating conditions
  • Instruction and training of local operators
  • Service and maintenance

For continuous monitoring, we design custom concepts for special applications as well as standard solutions. High-performance chromatographic methods are employed in our chemical hazards monitors. We have developed analysis methods for over 50 substances with boiling points up to 250°C (vapor pressure >0.000001 mbar). The list of detectable substances is available as download below.

Solvias chemical hazards monitors record exposures from the ppm to the ppt range and trigger alarms when limits are exceeded – for increased safety in the workplace.

The SAM GC-600 is a high-performance analyzer based on gas chromatograph technology. Specifically designed for continuous chemical hazards monitoring, it is used where highly toxic or carcinogenic substances may be present in the production plant environment. It is a reliable, robust monitor for hazardous substance exposure in the ppb to ppt range. Based on its high degree of selectivity and sensitivity, as well as its low detection and alarm limits, its increased detection speed and accuracy can also help optimize your production times.