Pharmaceutical industry

We work with customers across the entire pharmaceutical value chain – from research, chemical and analytical development to quality control of drug products. Our sophisticated technology and highly skilled employees contribute to our extensive experience in serving most of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies.

The fact we have been doing this for almost 20 years means we are rooted firmly in the pharmaceutical industry and have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements. What makes us different is that we offer not only analytical services but also chemical development.

Solvias provides:

  • Analytical services for small molecules to complex biologics
  • Chemical development for small molecules
  • GMP and FDA compliance
  • Broad portfolio of SOPs
  • Ability to flex and scale capacity
  • Services ranging from standard tasks to highly flexible trouble-shooting

We believe that effective collaboration is essential for success. Our philosophy is to provide you with more than just reliable results.