Cosmetics industry

Solvias provides analysis and testing of cosmetics industry and over-the-counter (OTC) products including:

  • raw materials
  • sterile cosmetics products
  • skin care
  • personal care
  • sunscreen
  • perfumes

We offer services for all stages of cosmetics product development:


  • Packaging testing (retro-contamination test, integrity)
  • Formulation (cell-based assay, challenge test)

Commercial product quality control for batch release & site management

  • Microbiology (bioburden, microbial evaluation, challenge test)
  • Chemistry (pesticides, water activity)
  • Biology (cell-based assay, cytotoxicity)
  • Environments (room qualification, water analysis)

All the services may be performed according to GMP, CGMP (FDA approved), GLP, ISO 17025, and ISO 9001 standards. To fully understand your analytical testing and service requirement, we believe that effective collaboration is essential. Our philosophy is to provide you with more than just reliable test results.