Chemical industry

Solvias provides the chemical industry with analytical services for environmental and health & safety testing as well as quality control testing for industrial chemicals. We have extensive experience in REACH requirements, trouble-shooting impurities and method validation for chemical production. Whether you require spectroscopic structural elucidation, surface and solid-state analyses or testing for stability or extractables and leachables, Solvias can help.

Trace analytics is an area in which our scientists have specialist expertise to perform analyses in sample preparation and complex matrices such as solid phase extraction and derivatization reactions using the following techniques:

  • Headspace-GC/MS/MS
  • GC/MS/MS
  • LC/UV
  • LC/MS
  • accurate mass LC/MS/MS

To fully understand your analytical testing and service requirement, we believe that effective collaboration is essential. Our philosophy is to provide you with more than just reliable test results.