Biotech industry

We help biotech customers achieve a faster to market experience by providing a huge range of products and services under one roof. Our industry leading experts and state-of-the-art technologies ensure that your CMC program meets all quality and regulatory standards while simultaneously ensuring your process is safe, cost-effective, easily transferable and robust.

Solvias also offers full service, CGMP-compliant contract analytical testing for pharmaceutical, cell-based bioassay and microbiology products. This includes: characterization, comparability studies, methods development/validation, raw material testing, product release testing, stability storage/testing, assays, impurities, residual solvents, elemental impurities, microbial limits, antimicrobial effectiveness, potency assays, extractable/leachable studies and cleaning verification/validation.

Advantages of engaging Solvias:

  • Extensive range of analytical services – virtually eliminates the need for additional vendors
  • Process development, solid state expertise, GMP manufacturing and all associated CMC services under one roof – ensures a faster to market experience

Choose Solvias and get it right first time. Your success is our success.