Based on the multi-parameter space chemical reactions can have, a rational strategy to achieve results efficiently and in a reasonable timeframe demands screening activities combined with scientific know-how. We have set up a state-of-the-art screening device, coupled to automated chromatography systems to support our customers in the field of asymmetric hydrogenations, CX-coupling or carbonylation reactions.

As well as being equipped to screen chemical reactions, we also offer screening for residual heavy metals in drug substances. Up to 21 metals can be screened in parallel to provide evidence for any metal leaching in catalytic reactions or detection of trace metal content derived from chemical reactors or other production steps.

However, screening activities at Solvias go even further. Based on ICH regulations, new drug substances have to be investigated for their ability to form polymorphs. This analysis can be done either by single experiments or more efficiently using screening tools. We have set up screening programs to support your activities in the field of salt, crystallization and polymorphism investigations, to support your development activities in the best possible way.