Crystallization Development - From Screening to Kilogram Supply

Crystallization Development

Solvias offers a seamless approach to design and optimize a robust and scalable crystallization process together with kilogram supply of API under GMP, if required:

Polymorphism Investigation

  • Determination of relevant polymorphic forms
  • Evaluation of polymorphic transformations
  • Identification of thermodynamic most stable form 

Form Selection & Process Design

  • Temperature-dependent solubility
  • Identification of metastable zone width
  • Variation of crystallization techniques, 
    solvents, process parameters

Crystallization Process Optimization

  • Optimization of process parameter and
  • bulk properties

Multigram to Kilogram Supply

  • Crystallization on kilogram scale
  • (GMP/non-GMP)
  • Technical transfer of crystallization process