Solvias Ligands and Catalysts

Industrial Chiral Ligands Kg-scale

Solvias’ portfolio of industrial proven ligands and catalyst are readily available for your process. We currently have >700 chiral (non) proprietary ligands on stock for screening and process development (65% Solvias catalysts, 25% foreign,10% patent free). Most prominent and successful ligand families such as Josiphos, Walphos, Mandyphos, Taniaphos, Ubaphox are readily available from gram to kg-quantities under an IP-included kg-price. For commercial processes, all Solvias ligands are licensed without any general restrictions and without any further obligation such as custom production agreements with Solvias. The ligands are sold with attractive IP models ranging from an 'all-inclusive' kg price (IP included) to a regular royalty based licensing model.

A list of readily available chiral ligands is available here: all Solvias ligands


How to order
For commerical quantities please contact us directly (
+41 61 845 62 45 or by:

The Solvias Ligand Shop allows customers to order initial quantities of chiral and CX-coupling ligands and catalysts directly online.