Homogenous Asymmetric Catalysis

As a powerhouse for homogeneous asymmetric catalysis, we provide innovative and cost effective solutions for your chiral molecules. From process research and development to the rapid implementation either at your plant or at a CMO of your choice, we support you with our experience and expertise.

Our proficiency covers major industrial relevant topics including:

  • asymmetric hydrogenation and transferhydrogenation
  • dynamic kinetic resolution using transition metal complexes
  • enantioselective epoxide opening
  • asymmetric reductive amination

Our track is evident by the successful development of numerous pilot plant processes and a number of commercial process incl. the world largest asymmetric hydrogenation. Over the years our scientists have contributed with hundreds of publications and patents within this increasingly important subject.

Asymmetric Catalysis on Industrial Scale

Asymmetric Catalysis on Industrial Scale

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