Heterogeneous Hydrogenation

Heterogeneous hydrogenation

Selective hydrogenation of nitro groups with modified Pt catalysts developed by Solvias, resulting in chemoselectivities >95%

The development of a highly chemoselective heterogeneous hydrogenation is our core competence. Thus, identifying a catalyst which provides high selectivity and activity in a multifunctional substrate requires expertise and experience, when screening variables such as metal, reaction medium, type of catalyst support and reaction conditions. From initial screening through develop­ment and scale-up, Solvias can assist in all phases of process development and find the optimal catalyst system in the shortest possible time. We have a broad expertise in main hetero-
genous hydrogenation transformations such as:

  • Selective NO2-hydrogenation technology (Vanadium modified Pt/C) (Solvias Technology)
  • Chemo selective C=C double bond hydrogenation
  • Diastereoselective hydrogenation of ß-hydroxyketone
  • Reductive Amination
  • Rosemund reduction of acid chlorides
  • Nitrile reduction
  • Removal of benzyl protecting groups
  • In-house database covering > 33'000 of transformations in heterogenous hydrogenation