Physical Chemistry

Within this area we not only provide you with single parameters but also with extensive evaluations like polymorphism studies, stability studies, surface evaluations and many more.


Thermal Methods

  • DSC
  • thermogravimetry (TG)
  • high sensitivity isothermal calorimetry
  • depolarization
  • vapor pressure (10-5 Pa to 100 kPa, R.T. to 400 °C,
    also very high precision from 0.1 Pa to 1 kPa)

Dynamic Vapor Sorption

X-Ray Powder Diffraction

  • controlled temperature
  • controlled atmosphere (gas or humidity)

Coupled Methods

  • IR-microscopy
  • hot stage Raman- microscopy
  • hot stage microscopy


Particle Sizing

  • laser light diffraction
  • quasi-elastic light scattering
  • sieving
  • disc-centrifugation
  • gas sorption methods
  • He- and Hg-density, tapped density
  • specific surface

Electrokinetic Sonic Amplitude

Zeta Potential



  • light microscopy
  • SEM, TEM, EDX elemental analysis (mapping)
  • image processing


Contact Angle Measurements

Molecular Properties and Interactions

Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Titration Calorimetry


  • IR (incl. ATR), Raman
  • NMR
  • reflectance spectroscopy
  • fluorescence, phosphorescence (time resolved and stopped-flow)
  • chemiluminescence
  • singlet oxygen
  • polarimetry, ORD
  • CD

Physicochemical Constants

  • density
  • viscosity
  • logP
  • conductivity
  • solubility
  • surface tension
  • refractive index
  • osmotic pressure
  • melting point
  • specific heat

Rheology: η’(ω),η’’(ω)

  • oscillation experiments
  • yield stress
  • creep recovery


  • EN 45001 certified
  • IR-camera

Model calculations

  • kinetics
  • diffusion
  • multiple equilibria
  • optimal spectral properties

Polymorphism, Salts and Crystallization 

  • comprehensive salt- & polymorphism screening
  • find all relevant forms
  • polymorphic purity
  • complete characterization
  • patent life extension
  • free energy - temperature diagram

Optimization of Processes 

  • distillation
  • crystallization
  • lyophilization
  • drying

Quality control 

  • single parameters
  • packages

Preformulation Characterization 

Binding Studies

  • K, k, ΔG, ΔH, ΔS, stoichiometry
  • protein/drug, protein/protein, nucleic acid/drug etc.

Structure of Biomaterials

  • structure of biomacromolecules and cell components
  • preparation techniques (e.g. staining, immunolabeling)

Stability Studies of Active Substances and Formulations

  • thermal stability
  • light stability
  • hydrolytic stability

Formulation Development

  • suspensions
  • creams
  • parenteral dosage forms etc.

Surface Characterization

  • surface morphology and roughness
  • surface energy
  • surface functionalization and patterning

Properties of Macromolecules (biological/technical)

  • molar mass, size, selfassociation
  • sedimentation coefficient
  • protein denaturing/folding

Application Properties

  • spectra, colors, activities
  • quantum yields (fluorescence, photoreactions, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence)

Application Problems: Causes and Remedies

  • photostability/photodegradation
  • thermal/chemical stability/degradation
  • discolorations/yellowing

Calibration of Light Sources and Detectors

  • absolute spectral calibration
  • calibration on-site
  • consulting for medical and technical irradiation setups 

Analysis of Heating Effects

  • screening of exothermal reactions in microtiter plates
  • heat dissipation on chemical production sites


  • optimal processing of experimental data (e.g. kinetic analyses)
  • strategies in medical diagnostics

Contract Research

  • development of new formulations
  • improvement of diagnostic sensitivity
  • HTS strategies
  • rapidly decaying drug-carriers

image: Physical Chemistry Fingerprints of a solid revealed by powder X-ray diffraction

image: Physical Chemistry Fingerprints of a solid revealed by powder X-ray diffraction«Fingerprints» of a solid revealed by powder X-ray diffraction