Project Management

Efficient and effective project management is key to successful service delivery. Our project managers take responsibility for the management and coordination of customer projects from kick-off to final delivery. We also provide a clear, transparent structure for planning and performing your projects.

Your requirements will be handled by a team of dedicated project managers, typically holding a Ph.D. in natural sciences. They use their in-depth experience in development projects for the pharmaceuticals industry, best practice methodologies, and leadership to coordinate the specialists assigned to your project.

An important added-value in the performance of your project is effective and timely communication using, for example, frequently scheduled telephone conferences, personal discussions on site and regular reports.

Advantages of Solvias service-oriented project management:

  • Dedicated project manager as direct contact for all project-related activities
  • Supervision of timelines, budget, quality requirements and communication
  • Diligent planning of projects based on our considerable experience
  • Professional and customer-oriented handling of unexpected results and issues within a project
  • Advanced project management processes