ARGUS/Dissolution is a cutting-edge software application for pharmaceutical dissolution testing. An all-in-one solution, this software covers the entire laboratory workflow from data acquisition to the release of analytical results. Its innovative user interface ensures straightforward, secure and compliant operation. Developing methods or running analyses is as easy as working with office software!

The product is fully compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.


  • Ready for fiberoptic systems
  • Document explorer with convenient search capabilities
  • Unrestricted number of samples per analysis to take advantage of 8- or 12-vessel dissolution testers
  • Quick analysis setup
  • Supports multi baths systems
  • Online display of dissolution profiles
  • Integrated acceptance testing according to USP and Pharm.Eur.
  • Customizable report templates for methods and analyses
  • ”What you see is what you get” method and analysis preview
  • System qualification state indicator
  • Baseline Correction Algorithm
  • Multi-component Analyses with CAMO The Unscrambler® models

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

  • User account and role management
  • Detailed audit trail for all electronic records (methods, analyses, user accounts, etc.)
  • Document life cycle control and electronic signatures
  • Cryptographically secured electronic records to detect manipulation and corruption
  • IQ/OQ/PQ control with reminder function
  • Data deployment via shared database server
  • Supports LDAP user account management
  • Prepared for LIMS connectivity


  • Perform method development and routine analysis using the same software
  • Save time and increase throughput using smart automation and integration
  • No need to transcribe data into spreadsheets
  • Work productively thanks to intuitive and efficient wizards that validate your input.
  • Reduced staff training and system down time
  • Savings on installation and validation costs
  • Enables absolute confidence in passing official inspections thanks to complete 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Supported Devices
ERWEKA DT80, DT700, DT800 ,Hanson Research SR8Plus ,Pharma-Test IDS 1000, DTS800, PTWS310, PTWS 300/600/1200,Sotax AT7, AT7 smart

Agilent 8453 , Beckman DU800®,Varian Cary 50, J&M Tidas I, PerkinElmer LAMBDA 2/20/25/35/45, Pharma Test SA500, Shimadzu UV-1700PharmaSpec, Tec5, Thermo Evolution300, Kontron Uvikon XL, Zeiss MCS5XX

Hamilton Dynamix III, Hanson Research AutoPlusTM Maximizer, Ismatec IPC-N, Sotax CY 7-50, CP7

Hanson Research AutoPlusTM MultiFillTM, PerkinElmer AS90/AS93Plus, Sotax C613, C615