ARGUS/Color is a professional software application for the quality control of dyestuffs. It is designed for advanced automation and user-friendliness, to enable reliable operation by factory employees, even during night-shifts.


  • UV/VIS spectroscopy of liquid samples
  • Automated dilution of samples
  • Recipe calculation for dyestuffs
  • Correction recipe for colour mixing
  • Statistical outlier test ability
  • Average spectrum determination
  • Customizable Reporting into Excel® spreadsheets
  • Colorimetric calculations including CIELab color coordinates (L*, a*, b*, X, Y, Z)
  • Color differences (ΔE, Δa*, Δb*, ΔL*, ΔH, ΔC, CMC, BFD, verbose)
  • Process Integration
  • Order File Processing (LIMS, ERP integration)
  • Multi-component quantification (MLR, Multiple Linear Regression)
  • Individual modes for quality control and method development


  • Low handling effort due to a high degree of automation
  • Increase of turnover due to faster quality control
  • High throughput due to unattended batch mode
  • High reliability thanks to built-in system suitability test
  • Quality report within minutes
  • Reduced waste due to easy and frequent monitoring

Supported Devices
Agilent 8453, Beckman DU800®,Varian Cary 50, J&M Tidas I, PerkinElmer LAMBDA 2/20/25/35/45, Pharma Test SA500, Shimadzu UV-1700PharmaSpec, Tec5, Thermo Evolution300, Kontron Uvikon XL, Zeiss MCS5XX

Hamilton Amica, Dynamix III and Multivalve

PerkinElmer AS90/AS93Plus