Liquid Transmission Flow Cells and Immersion Probes

Transmission Flow Cells
For measurement of concentrations of transparent liquids directly within the pipe, we use MONITOR, ARGUS, MINIPLANT or CALILAB measuring cells, all of which have patented optics. The optical path length can be varied from 1 to 20 mm with a simple adjustment of the distance bolt.

Based on the heatable CALILAB flow cell, we developed SYSTEM-CALILAB. This is the ideal solution for method development and calibration in the laboratory. CALILAB also provides a framework for probe design, enabling applications such as intermittent analysis.

Transmission Immersion Probes
ZAFIRO transmission probes are designed for direct immersion in containers, reactors, and pipes. The customer simply specifies the immersion depth, the process connection, the probe material and the optical path length. The preferred optical material in this case is once again sapphire.

Complete Range of Accessories
As well as our fiberoptic probes, we offer everything you need for connecting the probe to your spectrometer. Our wide range of accessories includes high-quality extension fibers for the UV, VIS, and NIR ranges.

We also offer process kits to protect the optical fibers at the point of installation. These can consist of steel-mesh tubing, including a solid casing in which the extension fibers are coupled, allowing easy extension of the cable.