SAM GC-600

The SAM GC-600 Chemical Hazards Monitor is a high-performance analyzer that is based on gas chromatograph technology. It was developed specifically for continuous chemical hazards monitoring, and is used where highly toxic or carcinogenic substances may be present in the production-plant air or in the workplace. Based on its high level of selectivity and sensitivity, as well as its low detection and alarm limits, the SAM GC-600 is a reliable, robust monitor for hazardous substance exposure in the ppb to ppt range. It not only offers the reliability you need, it can also help you to optimize your production times, by detection.


Application Examples

Dimethyl Sulfate (DMS) and Diethyl Sulfate

Despite their toxicity, these two substances are widely used as alkylation agents. However, they can be reliably detected well below existing threshold values using the SAM GC-600 Chemical Hazards Monitor. The low detection limit (<1 ppb) enables an early alert and response before any serious threat to human health.

Bis(chloromethyl)ether (BCME)

This highly toxic substance is formed spontaneously when formaldehyde is used in the presence of hydrogen chloride (chloromethylation reaction). BCME’s workplace limit of just 1 ppb is a clear indicator of how dangerous it is. Thanks to its ability to reliably detect concentrations as low as 10 ppt, the SAM GC-600 helps to ensure the safety of your employees.