Chemical Hazard Monitoring

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Services Giftfass

Chemical hazards monitoring for increased safety in the workplace

The use or generation of hazardous substances is mostly unavoidable in chemical manufacturing. Although it is possible to work in a safe and controlled way with highly toxic substances, there is always a risk of leaks at critical points within the system and thus the possibility that human beings could be exposed to these substances. Solvias Chemical Hazards Monitors record exposures from the ppm to the ppt range and trigger alarms when limits are exceeded – for increased safety in the workplace.

Solvias is a reliable partner for continuous and safe chemical hazards monitoring. For continuous monitoring, we design custom monitoring concepts for special applications in addition to offering standard solutions. High-performance chromatographic and spectrometric methods are used in our chemical hazards monitors. So far, we have developed analysis methods for more than 50 substances with boiling points up to
250°C (vapor pressure >0.000001 mbar) (see list of detectable substances).

Safety in chemical manufacturing can only be achieved with the appropriate technology and know-how. That is why it makes sense to put Solvias’ high-performance products and comprehensive package of services to work for you.

  • Customized expert consulting
  • Selection of the most suitable analysis method
  • Implementation of the analytical method, taking your specific requirements into account
  • Calibration
  • One-month’s continuous testing in our laboratories
  • Commissioning
  • On-site method optimization taking local operating conditions into account
  • Instruction and training of local operators Service and maintenance