Single Parameters and Specialties

Preformulation Package
Preformulation includes the compiling of solubility profiles (pH dependent and other systems of interest), permeability (logP/D, CaCo2 or other cell-based assays), BCS classification, accelerated chemical stability, basic physico-chemical parameters like pKa, melting point, hygroscopicity, salt screening, and polymorphism screening.

If you encounter unexpected crystallization results, filtration problems, or changed dissolution profiles, our experts can rapidly elucidate the key parameters that may influence changed behavior.

Physical Chemistry and Analytical Services
We provide a first evaluation of physico-chemical parameters using our broad in-house service portfolio. Apart from single test parameters, comprehensive analytical programs can also be set up using state-of-the-art instrumentation for pre-clinical to late development stages.

Quality Control
All solid-state techniques are available for quality control under cGMP.