Polymorphism, Salts & Crystallization

Polymorphism, Salts, and Crystallization
Polymorphism, Salts, and Crystallization

Focusing on the best overall results for your drug candidate in terms of solid-state development, Solvias provides a comprehensive and integrated approach – from systematic salt, co-crystal, and polymorphism screening to controlled scale-up of the crystallization process, complemented by a complete range of physico-chemical studies.

Method development for polymorphic purity and the optimization of crystallization processes supplements our services. We follow specifically designed strategies for a perfect fit with the development process. Our years of experience in the development of drugs help you crystallize your ideas.

Features and Key Success Factors

  • Integrated approach and proven study strategies
  • Flexible and modular procedure, with decision points throughout the programs
  • Effective communication within each project, with clear contact points
  • State-of-the-art technology and hyphenated techniques to explore the polymorph landscape and understand polymorphic transformations
  • Ability to handle highly potent and cytotoxic compounds
  • One of the biggest solid-state groups worldwide, with an outstanding track record