Patent Counseling

A comprehensive package to protect your know-how. Application and enforcement of patents is only one part of a comprehensive patent solution. Patent opinions, which discuss a patent status in detail, are used as the basis for many business decisions. Training and education in patent rights and the corresponding patent system can help you, your R&D and marketing teams, to optimize your use of patents.

Patent Opinions
Detailed knowledge of the patent status is essential before license or R&D agreements may be executed. The patent attorneys examine patent situations based on patent searches and deliver written opinions discussing scope of protection and legal status. Patent opinions are used to prevent your products from infringing third parties’ intellectual property rights or for strategic business decisions.

Training and Education
Knowledge of the fundamental principles of patent law simplifies invention identification and provides the basis for decisions on patenting and cost effective management of patent portfolios, tailor made to your market. Our partners offer seminars to employees – such as your R&D or marketing departments – covering basic principles of patent law, patent strategies and patent costs. Topics include:

  • Identification of inventions
  • Patentability
  • Patent application procedures
  • Effect of a patent
  • Patent portfolio management.