Patent and Literature Search

Knowledge of all relevant publications is essential for almost all Intellectual Property related work. All kinds of database searches are executed by information specialists to retrieve relevant publications.

Novelty searches are used to evaluate the patentability of results in research and development and to indicate the scope of protection for possible patent rights.

Technology searches are used to evaluate whether your innovative ideas or concepts are patentable and to indicate possible directions for further development.

Patent searches are used to examine the patent status of a particular product to avoid patent infringement.

The information specialists have access to all important scientific, technical and patent databases. The database search service is especially adept at chemical structure searching. Journal publications, patent applications, granted patents, conference proceedings and other documents are searched to ensure you get the information you need.

Training and Education
Modern information systems make end user searching very easy. In view of the available products and databases, the information scientists can provide advice that help you select the best tool. Training classes are offered to teach your end users – scientists and patent experts – how to select appropriate information systems and how to retrieve relevant information