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1) Ganciclovir 2) Emtricitabine 3) Gemcitabine 4) AE-Nucleosides 5) MOE-Nucleosides 6) Biopterin 7) Aminobiopterin

Solvias leverages its know-how in the area of Nucleoside chemistry. Over the years, we have developed new, efficient and cost-effective processes for the synthesis of Nucleoside-based APIs; for example, Gemcitabine and Emtricitabine. We have also optimized and scaled-up existing synthesis procedures for the production of protected nucleosides and have successfully delivered quantities ranging from gram to kilogram-scale.


In addition, we have devised new, efficient routes for the synthesis of C-nucleosides such as Biopterin and Aminobiopterin, using an innovative coupling reaction between 5,6-Diaminopyrimidin and corresponding 5-deoxy sugars.