High-Pressure Chemistry

The use of high-pressure chemistry plays an increasingly important role in modern organic chemistry and particularly in the rapid synthesis of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates. Solvias customers benefit from our many years of experience in this area, stored in an in-house database comprising more than 10,000 different reactions.

Solvias’ facilities can handle your heterogeneous or homogeneous catalytic high-pressure synthesis requirements. Dedicated facilities and containments are equipped to handle reactions of up to 300 bars pressure. Typical high-pressure reactions performed at Solvias include catalytic hydrogenation applying both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, amination, carbonylation, hydroformylation, fluorination, phosgenation and vinylation.

Moreover, Solvias has specialized equipment that enables catalyst screening at high pressure. Solvias’ high-pressure laboratory manufactures batches from lab-scale to multi-kg quantities, according to our customer’s requirements.