Solvias Ligand Contest

Solvias has developed a comprehensive set of chiral ligands which have been shown to be very effective for a number of noble metal catalyzed enantioselective transformations. We are convinced that these ligands can do much more than what is already known - let's find new and improved applications together!

Take part in the Solvias Ligand Contest!

 Who can participate?

Everybody with good ideas: professors, students, academic groups, industrial scientists etc. from any country and any chemical discipline.

Where can the ligands be obtained?

For academic researchers a University Ligand Kit is available free of charge consisting of a representative selection of Solvias ligands. All other participants may purchase the ligands from Strem.

How are conditions?

The contribution must be original work and be submitted in the form of a manuscript, a published paper or a patent. Unpublished manuscripts will be treated confidentially. Solvias expects to be informed of the results obtained with these ligands prior to publication. The decision of the jury is final.


The award is endowed with $ 2,000 and an invitation to give a lecture at the next Solvias Science Day.