image: Ligand production

Ligand production

Solvias offers over 700 own ligands and catalysts in its portfolio, all having well-known industrial applications for asymmetric hydrogenation and CX-coupling. Every ligand in our portfolio is synthesized through key common intermediates. Streamlined, parallel synthesis allows us to offer our key ligands at kg-scale at a reasonable price. This gives our customers the peace of mind in knowing that the ligand will always be available in bulk when there is a hit with a Solvias ligand.

Furthermore, our “IP-included” strategy of offering ligands at a set price with no strings attached lowers the barrier for implementation of this technology in customer tanks and puts customers at ease with a transparent business model with no surprises.

The Solvias Ligand Shop allows customers to order initial quantities of chiral and CX-coupling ligands and catalysts directly online.