Solvias Launches Online Shop for Chiral and CX-Coupling Ligands and Catalysts

Solvias announced today the launch of the Solvias Ligand Shop ( - a new online platform that allows customers to order initial quantities of chiral and CX-coupling ligands and catalysts directly online.


With this new interface, Solvias now offers its customers a rapid and straightforward access to initial quantities of the comprehensive Solvias ligand portfolio. After successful online registration, users can choose from a variety of 120 Solvias-owned ligands and catalysts offered in 5 g package size. The shop also gives access to a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for every product listed as a downloadable PDF file.

Dr. Matthias Lotz, Business Development Manager for Synthesis & Catalysis says: "With the new Ligand Shop, Solvias meets the demand of our customers for fast and unbureaucratic early supply of our ligands."

The online shop also includes a category called "selected ligands". These derivatives from different ligand families are available at very favorable conditions. At the beginning of this year, Solvias has started to adapt the business model for its ligand business due to increasing competition derived from the impending expiring of patent protection of numerous commercial ligand families from various providers in the near future.

Solvias identified the most successful ligands of the portfolio based on in-house high throughput-screening results and ligand sales figures from the last six years. As a result of this analysis, 13 products (12 chiral ligands and 1 CX-coupling ligand) were identified to be key performers and classified as selected ligands. Through an internal development program the manufacturing procedures of these selected ligands were further optimized and the manufacturing processes have been established on multi-kg scale or even up to multi-hundred-kg scale. The improved economy of scale thanks to large production volumes allows Solvias to realize a very attractive pricing model for the supply of these ligands on technical scale. 

About Solvias

Solvias offers increased capacity and profound know-how for analytical and chemical development. Its experience and proven track record provides confidence that projects will be completed expertly and on time. With its services, products and technologies Solvias provides integrated solutions to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry worldwide. The portfolio covers:

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