Solvias and Innopharma Labs Announce Collaboration for PAT Solutions

The business unit process analytical technology (PAT) of the contract service provider Solvias has entered into collaboration with Innopharma Labs, to expand their services in the field of PAT. The term of this collaboration allows Solvias to distribute Innopharma Labs’ recently launched 3D particle characterizer worldwide. In utilizing the 3D particle characterizer into its process analytical offer, Solvias’ clients benefit from reduced formulation development and scale-up time plus increased process understanding and control during commercial manufacture. The eyeconTM 3D particle characterizer provides clients with high resolution images as well as particle size data in-line and in realtime. The application will be presented during ACHEMA in Frankfurt from June 18-22 at the Solvias booth N7 in hall 4.2.

“Innopharma Labs are delighted to have developed this partnership with Solvias and are confident that the combination of our PAT analyzers and Solvias’ PAT understanding and passionate sales team will lead to a profitable partnership”, said Innopharma Labs’ CEO Ian Jones.

Peter Bauer, Head of business unit PAT sees a perfect match in the partnership: “The innovative technology of the eyeconTM 3D particle characterizer adds another dimension to Solvias’ already existing wide range of QbD/PAT-applications to comply with the increasing requirements from the industry, especially in the area of pharmaceutical product development.”

About Innopharma Labs

Innopharma Labs develop and commercialize tailor-made PAT analyzers for the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Their products help customers reduce scale-up time, reduce product losses and improve their yields. Their eyeconTM 3D particle characterizer provides surface morphology, shape and size information in-line and in real-time for granulation, milling and spheronizing processes.