July 05th 2012
“Application of Phase Diagrams in Co-crystal Search and Preparation”

Timo Rager and Rolf Hilfiker,  in “Pharmaceutical Salts and Co-crystals”, RSC Drug Discovery Series No. 16, Edited by Johan Wouters and Luc Quéré, (2012) 280-299

July 05th 2012
“The crystalline state of methylene blue: a zoo of hydrates”

Timo Rager, André Geoffroy, Rolf Hilfiker and John M. D. Storey, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 14 (2012) 8074–8082.

July 05th 2012
“The Importance of Choosing the Optimal Solid Form of a Drug”

Rolf Hilfiker,  in “Physico-Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development”, Edited by Zoran Mandić, IAPC Publishing, Zagreb, (2012) 349-383.

January 11th 2012
Analyzing for Small Molecules in Large-Molecule Pharmaceuticals

The potential of capillary electrophoresis

November 24th 2011
Whitepaper - Crystallization Development

In order to achieve controlled production of a desired polymorphic form it is essential to primarily understand the product and be intimately familiar with the process. Furthermore, scaling up the crystallization process requires an expert team of experienced scientists working closely together to ensure reliable and seamless development.

June 10th 2011
Whitepaper - Extractables and leachables in pharma

Leachables are trace amounts of chemicals originating from containers, medical devices or process equipment that end up as contaminants in medicinal products resulting in exposure to patients. We will explain why this is of so much concern and how testing for leachables as well as extractables should be conducted.

January 01st 2011
Biopharmaceutical Analysis in Solvias AG

Scientific expertise illustrated through a selection of publications and presentations

July 14th 2010
Piracetam Co-Crystals with OH-Group Functionalized Carboxylic Acids
July 14th 2010
Stability Domains of Multi-Component Crystals in Ternary Phase Diagrams
July 14th 2010
Cocrystal Formation from Solvent Mixtures
March 12th 2010
Full Publication List Catalysis, Synthesis and Polymorphism
October 28th 2009
The Trifluoromethylgroup

An overview of available synthetic methods at Solvias AG

September 09th 2009
Asymmetric Catalysis on Industrial Scale

Challenges, Approaches and Solutions

Quantitative Analysis of the Monosaccharides of a Therapeutic Glycoprotein with CZE and RP-HPLC
Polymorphism: in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Asymmetric Homogeneous Hydrogenation Impact of HTS
Selective Synthesis of Fluorinated Compounds on Kilogram Scale

Methodology and Equipment