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December 20th 2013
Solvias Prospects 02 2013

• Classical fluorination reagents in the synthesis of fine chemicals
• New Solvias probes: extending the NIR range towards MIR
• Detection and quantification of residual DNA in all eukaryotic expression systems: The universal eukaryotic method
• 15 years of experience in high-throughput screening experimentation at Solvias - Established concepts and new developments


August 30th 2013
Solvias Prospects 01 2013

• Expanding the scope of HTS-driven development – applications to highly potent compounds and catalytic processes
• Detection and quantification of pyrogens – the monocyte activation test
• Stability – a cradle-to-grave concept
• Dissolution testing – a picture tells a thousand words
• Particle size distribution by light microscopy

October 16th 2012
Solvias Prospects 02 2012

• Solvias Ligand Business - managing the ligand patent cliff
• Seeing the unseen - 3-D particle characterization
• Next Generation Impactor - a novel preparation technique for in vitro analysis of inhaled drugs
• Establishing glass delamination from vials or ampoules by SEM/EDX


January 12th 2012
Solvias Prospects 01 2012
  • New partnership for integrated chemical development and manufacturing services
  • Leveraging the power of cocrystals
  • Characterization of biologics – the deamidation of asparagine
  • Accelerating chemical (process) development with HTS technology


June 10th 2011
Solvias Prospects 01 2011
  • Genotoxic impurities – A long standing debate seeks resolution
  • Extractables and leachables in pharma – A serious issue
  • Rapid results in Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
  • Solvias’ one-stop shop concept pays dividends
September 15th 2010
Prospects 02 2010
  • Improved product quality via NIR – Real-time monitoring of tablet coating thickness dates
  • Biosimilars – A Selection of updates
  • High throughput – High science, a prosperous liaison?
  • Asymmetric hydrogenation of unfunctionalized olefins
  • Fiber optic probes – Keeping an eye on processes


April 12th 2010
Prospects 01 2010
  • Crystallization – Understanding and developing the process
  • New method for heavy metals testing <231>: An interview with Anthony De Stefano, USP
  • Antibody drug conjugates – Challenges of combining small and large molecules and more...
February 01st 2009
Prospects 02 2009
  • The relevance of solid-state development is crystal clear - a inteview with UCB
  • The fast track to method develoment
  • Barriers to winning the approval of biosimilars in the USA
  • and more...
January 01st 2009
Prospects 01 2009

  • Choosing a Partner for Early Drug Development
  • BASF Relies on Solvias Chemical Hazards Monitor for Maximum Safety - a Interview
  • Unidentified Residues, Foreign Particles, Faulty Products: Identifying Unknown Inorganic Impurities,
  • Intellectual Property: Rigorous Patent and Literature Searches as a Basis for Reliable Advice

February 01st 2008
Prospects 02 2008

The Control of Host Cell Impurities in Biopharmaceuticals,
Asymmetric Chemocatalysis: Where Are the Industrial Applications?
Preformulation or How to Select the Best Formulation Candidate

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January 01st 2008
Prospects 01 2008

The Role of Process R&D in Early Chemical Development,
Crystallization Development – The Final Step Towards the Drug Substance,
Microbiological Testing: Harmonization Between the Major Pharmacopoeias,

Better Process Monitoring with Near Infrared Spectroscopy

January 01st 2007
Prospects 01 2007

Analytics of Highly Active and Highly Cytotic Substances,
Lautens Technology:  A Novel Scalable Synthetic Method for Highly Functionalized Chiral Scaffolds,
Co-Crystals  – An Attractive Alternative for Solid Forms

January 01st 2006
Prospects 01 2006

High Throughput Catalysis Screening Services,
CN-Coupling: ppm-Level Catalyst Loading for Efficient
Buchwald-Hartwig Amination,
Amorphous Content: Amorphous Phase Content Determination

February 01st 2005
Prospects 02 2005

Selective Heterogeneous Hydrogenation,
Patent and Search Services,
Crystallization: Its Relevance During Solid-State Development,
Industrial Hygiene – Exposure Assessment, Risk Appraisal,
Action Plan,
UV-SPECTOR Application: Process Optimization in Biopharmaceutical
Determination of Detergents in Therapeutic Protein Substances

January 01st 2005
Prospects 01 2005

Special Edition: Solvias Salt and Polymorphism Programs

January 01st 2004
Prospects 01 2004

Quality Control of Protein Therapeutics: ICH Guideline Q6B,
SOLVIAS - The Preferred Choice for
Chemistry Outsourcing: Support in Discovery, Synthesis, Early
Process Development, and Analytical Development,
ARGUS/Dissolution: The Cutting Edge Application Software for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing,
Second Generation Solvias CN- and
CC-Coupling Catalyst SK-CC02-A: Easy to Handle, Excellent Stability and Improved Reactivity,
From Daunorubicin to Doxorubicin – A New Synthesis Process: A Cutting-Edge, Robust, Economical, and Ecological Method

March 01st 2003
Prospects 03 2003

Process Development and Laboratory Preparation of Fluorinated Compounds on the Kilogram Scale,
Contract Synthesis of Small Molecules for Pharmaceutical Research,
PAT: the New Trend in Pharmaceutical Production: FDA compliant Process Analytical Technology (PAT)